Governor Whitmer Signs 900th Bipartisan Bill


Governor Whitmer Signs 900th Bipartisan Bill


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USA-IT partners featured in Gov. Whitmer’s (D-MI) press release highlighting the signing of the INFORM Act, which aims stop black-market crime through increased transparency from online marketplaces, particularly regarding 3rd party sellers.

William J. Hallan, President and CEO of Michigan Retailers Association

“Retailers applaud Governor Whitmer for signing INFORM legislation into law today, protecting both consumers and retailers from the organized criminal rings who use online marketplaces to resell stolen merchandise for profit. This law is a key step in limiting criminals’ ability to resell stolen goods while providing additional safety and transparency for consumers.”

Leah Robinson, Director of Legislative Affairs and Leadership Programming, Michigan Chamber of Commerce

“This bipartisan, common-sense legislation strikes a balance between the need for increased transparency to thwart stolen and counterfeit products to protect consumers while simultaneously ensuring businesses are not punished with unreasonable reporting requirements. The Michigan Chamber applauds the Michigan Legislature for working to find a bipartisan solution to this complex problem and the Governor for signing these important consumer protection measures.”

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